Anna Cristofol (France)

Anna Cristofol is project manager for European projects at IGN (National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information).

“The ability to model in space and time places, people, events and the relationships between all of them excites me most about the Time Machine. And also to be able to visualise these elements and navigate in time and space in our geographical, social and cultural heritage. The Time Machine project has extraordinary potential. On the one hand, it will allow researchers to explore a huge amount of data about our history and heritage and to increase our knowledge. And on the other hand, it will allow European citizens to visualise and discover this heritage wherever they are. When we think of the Time Machine, we think about the past. But our heritage is also the basis of our present and our future. The project also aims to build use cases around smart cities, spatial planning and education. It is today a project of several hundred institutions that share common objectives. I would like to remind people that they can support our vision by joining the Time Machine Organization.”