The Time Machine Organisation will:

  • Provide a platform for carrying out projects of different kinds in different funding programmes with different consortia (consulting in terms of funding instruments, finding appropriate partners, project management etc.)
  • Develop technologies in order to further advance the digital use and reuse of cultural heritage
  • Build an infrastructure that implements the goals and activities of the Time Machine Organisation (servers, databases, platforms, etc.) as well as strengthen the practical capabilities of the Time Machine Organisation and its members
  • Create an environment for continuous exchange of knowledge, best practice and expertise in order to boost current and future developments (online knowledge base, Time Machine events like the Time Machine conference 2019, workshops, national stakeholder meetings, special networking events etc.)
  • Provide open source tools and technologies
  • Offer support in different fields (use of technologies and infrastructure, project building, etc.)

As a member of the Time Machine Organisation you will not only benefit from our above-mentioned services and activities. More importantly, we invite you to actively co-shape and co-develop our joint portfolio!

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