Funding opportunities and open Calls

Our Project Scouting Team is regularly analysing the various funding opportunities for cooperation projects, research initiatives, consortia etc. on European level and summarizes the main facts about the different calls that might be of interest for our TMO members:

European Museum Collaboration and Innovation Space – DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-24-2020

Call title and IDEuropean Museum Collaboration and Innovation Space – DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-24-2020
Type of ActionCoordination and Support Action (CSA)
Application deadline12 January 2021
Max. project budget / total call budget1 Million EUR
Challenge(s) to be addressed • Proposals should offer solutions in relation to (small and medium sized) museums’ functions (collection of artefacts to their conservation and study, and from the interpretation and exhibition of museum collections to marketing and to managing online and onsite visitors) through the opportunities provided by digital transformation.
• Additional pathways of innovative collaborations between developers and cultural/creative institutions should be sought.
Scope of activities to be performed• Small, experimental projects for the application of digital technologies to a selected area of work in selected museums; to serve the following aims:
• enhance digital presence,
• innovate their day-to-day functions and processes,
• experiment with 3D digitization and AR/VR applications for visitors,
• test new business models for their post-crisis recovery.
Important remarks• Participating museums can choose to experiment in any application area they wish, but variation in the application areas across participating museums is encouraged.
• Proposals are expected to use financial support to third parties (FSTP) to support museums for the experimental projects, duly justified as a means to achieving the overall objectives. At least 60% of the budget is expected to be dedicated to FSTP and the maximum amount of FSTP, distributed through a grant, is EUR 30.000 per third party for the entire action duration.
• The action will work together with existing initiatives that support the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector, such as Europeana, the European digital platform for cultural heritage, and alike.
• The action may also investigate the potential of further development and expansion under the Horizon Europe programme, by evaluating the challenges and opportunities of scaling up.

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