ICARUS Convention #31: Common Archival Heritage

Date: 8-10 November 2023
Venue: Skopje and Ohrid (tbd)
Registration: tba
Deadline for submission of papers: 30 September 2023

The State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia will co-host the 31st semi-annual convention of our partner ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research), to take place in Skopje and UNESCO World Heritage Site Ohrid.

Focus of the convention and call for papers

As most of historical processes are not geographically or otherwise isolated, archives worldwide, whether national, regional, or even personal, have also a mission to keep and present documents concerning common history. Hence the intention of the 31st ICARUS Convention is to shed light on the importance of common archival heritage that should be a base for a fruitful scientific and cultural cooperation as well as for the promotion of good neighbourly relations.

The organisers invite participants to highlight archival heritage of international/regional interest, its preservation, accessibility, digitisation, especially its presentation on online archival platforms and the development of digital research tools. Moreover, the contributions should be related to
the provenance and preservation of the archival heritage in the context of political, legal and ethical issues.

Deadline: 30 September 2023

Please send your proposal to: icarus31@arhiv.gov.mk

For more information visit our partner ICARUS’ website.