Felixarchief (Stadsarchief Antwerpen)

The Archive works directly under the authority of the city secretary.

The City Archive Antwerp preserves more than 30 linear kilometers and more than 100 Tb of archival material from both urban and private archive makers. The oldest document was drawn up in the Middle Ages, the most recent last year. The Archive primarily preserves the documents of the Antwerp city government and the city administration with all its services. The urban archives consist of: the Ancien Régime archive (<1794), the Modern archive (today 1794) and the municipal archives (1794-1983).

In addition to these urban archives, the Felix Archive is responsible for preserving the archives of the Autonomous Municipal Companies; urban education, AG Vespa and the port authority. In time, the archives of ZiekenhuisNetwerk Antwerpen will also be added.