Science and Technology

Andreas Maier

Dr. Andreas Maier is a computer scientist and specialist in topics of pattern recognition and machine learning and a professor in Machine Intelligence at the Computer Science Department at Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) Erlangen-Nuremberg . He heads the pattern recognition lab at the FAU with more than 60 PhD students working on topics in medical imaging, speech processing, computer vision, and general machine learning. His work in the area of DH focuses on tomography of books and scrolls (i.e. reading them without opening them), scribe and writer identification, and the fusion of deep learning with traditional techniques, such as general signal processing or knowledge representation and inference. Selected for ERC Synergy Grant in Sept 2018.

Executive board

Sander Münster

Project Scouting Service Lead Strategist and Secretary TMO


Kerstin Muff

Chief Communications Officer (on maternity leave)