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Time machines

The Time Machine Network is organised as a virtually unlimited amount of Local Time Machines (LTMs). Each LTM is anchored in the space of a city or a region and has the ambition to build a dense database of spatiotemporal information laying the foundation of a 4D model of its physical environment.

LTMs are areas characterised by density of operations. There is no single coordination that aims to manage all the projects that have arisen in a specific area. All those involved in the various projects and activities, through their organisation charts, can in any case converge towards a community which will therefore have an autonomous logic of structuring and functioning that emerges locally. The projects involved can include projects with national and international grants, institutional projects having internal funding, projects financed by local administrative institutions, projects held by companies on cultural heritage benefiting of services and tools implemented by the Time Machine Organisation (TMO), but also small-scale projects led by individuals.

The TMO helps the regional/local actors in setting up LTMs by providing technology, methodology and supporting infrastructure facilitating the digitisation pipelines, the standardisation of the information gathered and the development of related services. In the course of time, LTMs pass through different maturity phases. Each maturity phase permits to envision specific exploitation strategies.

The TMO Operational Plan for 2020 – 2021 foresees a variety of actions related to the Local Time Machines – so stay tuned for further updates!