Beginning its journey in 2020 and covering the years 1500-2013 AD, the Leipzig Time Machine pushes the boundaries of science and technology to build a model of this historical city’s past.

Beginning Year


Time Window

1500 to 2013

Geographical Window



Involved institutions and cooperating scientists:

  • City Archives of Leipzig
  • Saxon State Archive (Thekla Kluttig, Katrin Heil)
  • Project “Altes Leipzig” (Katrin Hudecek, Andreas Holzmüller, Torsten Wehlmann)
  • Association for Computergenealogy (CompGen) (Horst Reinhardt)
  • Chair of Economic and Social History, TU Dresden (Susanne Schötz)
  • Chair of Economic and Social History, MLU Halle (Georg Fertig, Moritz Müller, Jan-Michael Goldberg)
  • Institute for Computer Science, MLU Halle (Marcel Mernitz)
  • Institute for Applied Computer Science (InfAI) at the University of Leipzig (Marco Büchler)   

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