Austrian funding opportunity for Digital Humanities

Call for contributions: CLARIAH-AT funding call 2022

Deadline for submissions: 3 June 2022
Language: English

CLARIAH-AT is an Austrian, open network of institutional partners facilitating the application of digital methods in the humanities and the development of relevant research infrastructures. The initiative aims to promote technologically and methodologically creative projects in Austria, help them to become more visible and enable the exchange of expertise.

Funding Call 2022: Interoperability and reusability of DH data and tools

In the last decade, many tools and methods have been developed by the Austrian Digital Humanities community, mostly by individual institutions and research groups. To make those tools and methods sustainable for the future, the community needs to focus on expanding and improving communication and collaboration between existing services and infrastructures in order to secure long-term availability and usability for the Austrian as well as the European research communities. To reach these goals interoperability and reusability of tools and methods are key.

Therefore, the call will support projects that build upon existing datasets, tools, services, repositories, and infrastructures.

For detailed information on the focus areas, funding information and the application procedure, please click the link below.