CSA Information

The European Commission has chosen Time Machine as one of the six proposals retained for preparing large scale research initiatives to be strategically developed in the next decade. For this 12 month Coordination & Support Action (CSA), €1 million in funding has been granted to the Time Machine consortium — consisting of the 33 founding partner institutions — for the preparation of 10-year project roadmaps. These strategic plans will detail how, for example, Time Machine will design and implement advanced new digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to mine Europe’s vast cultural heritage, providing fair and free access to information that will support future scientific and technological developments in Europe.


Horizon 2020 CSA Details:


Preparatory Actions for new FET Flagships

Project Number

Time Machine: Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe

Type of Action
Coordination and support action (CSA)

Grant Agreement (GA) Number

Time Machine

12 months

Start Date
01 Mar 2019

End Date
29 Feb 2020

Estimated Project Cost

EU Contribution

Public Deliverables:

Note: Due to the ultimate objective of the Time Machine CSA, namely the development of a strategy and implementation proposal for a large-scale research initiative, many of the public deliverables listed below — in particular the roadmap drafts and roadmaps — are intermediary in nature and serve as inputs for the final deliverable. As such, please refer to ‘D8.5 – TM LSRI Strategy and Implementation Proposal‘ for the most current, integrated and complete information.

D1.1 – CSA project manual
D2.1 – Science and Technology (Pillar 1) Roadmap-draft
D2.2 – Science and Technology (Pillar 1) Roadmap
D3.1 – TM Operation (Pillar 2) Roadmap-draft
D3.2 – TM Operation (Pillar 2) Roadmap
D4.1 – Exploitation Avenues (Pillar 3) Roadmap-draft
D4.2 – Exploitation Avenues (Pillar 3) Roadmap
D6.1 – TM Organisation and Governance Plan
D6.2 – TM Staffing Plan
D7.1 – Dissemination and Promotion Strategy
D7.2 – Dissemination Material
D7.3 – Dissemination
D8.1 – TM Preparation Report 1
D8.2 – TM Preparation Report 2
D8.3 – TM Preparation Report 3
D8.4 – TM LSRI Strategic Guidelines
D8.5 – TM LSRI Strategy and Implementation Proposal