The leading international organisation for cooperation in technology, science and cultural heritage

A unique type of organisation

The Time Machine Organisation is the leading international organisation for cooperation in technology, science and cultural heritage.

It is an internationally oriented association under Austrian law and head-quartered in Vienna. As such, the association is open to any type of legal entity that deals with science, technology and cultural heritage.

Membership is based on the organisation´s constitution and the respective membership fee regulation.

Mission and Goals

Our aims:

  • To be the institutional framework that ensures the sustainability and economic independence of the Time Machine project
  • Create a strong alliance between cultural heritage institutions, science, industry and civil society
  • Further advance, lobby and lance new or alternative ways of collaboration and interaction related to actors in the cultural heritage domain based on a strong cross-organisational, cross-sectoral, participatory approach
  • Ensure speerheading development of technologies for capturing, processing and using historical data
  • Bridge between disciplines and sectors and, in doing so, create strong new alliances
  • Support open access to and economic reuse of cultural heritage

Our goals:

  • Create a large scale research initiative project (formerly “Flagship”) on European level
  • Make projects of different kinds possible
  • Offer new and alternative ways of project funding (partnerships with economy, philantropic organisations, civil society, crowd funding, etc.)
  • Enhance and further develop interdisciplinary higher education curricula on sciences related to cultural heritage (Digital Humanities, robotics, AI, etc.)
  • Work towards a truly open science initiative that provides a free and open source framework and creating open data for cultural heritage

Finally: Together, we will build a Time Machine for Europe!

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