Call for cooperation

Call for cooperation partners – Images of Switzerland Online

In 2020, the Swiss Art Research Centre (SARI) launched the initiative Bilder der Schweiz Online (BSO) (Images of Switzerland Online). SARI, which developed its technological infrastructure as part of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)’s Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of National Relevance (2017–2020), is being hosted by the University of Zurich and operated in cooperation with the ETH Zurich (Institute gta) and the Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zurich (SIK-ISEA).

During 2023, BSO will focus on increasing data quality and develop didactic approaches to the platform. The supporting infrastructures are guaranteed support until at least 2027, hence the team behind BSO is interested in developing follow-up projects with cooperation partners.

Please get in touch with the BSO team via email, follow them on Youtube, and check for the project and technology services they offer as part of our SARI Technology Platform Infrastructure (SARI TPF).

For more details on the initiative Bilder der Schweiz Online, please see their contribution to our #LTMThursday communication campaign via the link below.