3D data on the rise

Engaging Europe’s Heritage: 5Dculture and CARARE unite for Twin It!

5Dculture and CARARE are actively rallying behind the Twin It! 3D for Europe’s Culture campaign, a groundbreaking initiative urging European Union Member States’ Ministries of Culture to contribute a 3D digitized heritage asset to the shared European cultural data space facilitated by the Europeana Foundation.

The assets selected for submission may be classified as either cultural significant heritage at risk, be among the most frequently visited monuments, buildings, or sites in the country, or fall into categories with limited digitization levels. These classifications align seamlessly with the objectives outlined in the 2021 European Commission Recommendation.

At the CARARE 2023: Cultural Heritage in 3D conference, Valentine Charles from the Europeana Foundation provided a comprehensive update on the current status of the campaign and the exciting steps ahead. Her presentation is available here.

CARARE’s webinar series on Cultural Heritage in 3D

CARARE has taken the Twin It! campaign to heart, co-organizing a series of engaging webinars on 3D for Cultural Heritage, all accessible on CARARE’s Vimeo Channel. The most recent webinar, “Cultural Heritage in 3D: Data capture and modeling in action”, held on 5 July, provided an insightful introduction to 3D data capture and modeling for both movable and immovable Cultural Heritage.

In a special webinar co-organized by TMO, CARARE, and Europeana on 14 June 2023, experts offered real-time guidance on delivering 3D content to Europeana, specifically tailored for the Local Time Machine projects of the Time Machine network.

The initial webinar in this series, titled “Cultural Heritage in 3D: A step-by-step guide to publishing 3D content on Europeana”, took place on 12 April 2023. It provided insights into Europeana’s policy and prerequisites for 3D models, illustrating the comprehensive process undertaken by the Hunt Museum—from data capture to the final publishing on Europeana.

With more 3D content webinars in the pipeline, the upcoming event in December 2023 promises a special focus on linking 3D content to other available material, laying the groundwork for compelling storytelling, increased engagement, and broader reuse. More information about the event will be announced on the CARARE website shortly.