Digital Humanities and Heritage

2nd International DARIAH-HR Conference

Date: 12 – 14 October 2022
Venue: Rijeka (HR)
Participation: free-of-charge

The conference “Digital Humanities and Heritage” is organized by DARIAH-HR together with our Croatian Time Machine members: Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, University of Rijeka (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), University of Zadar (Department of Information Sciences) and ICARUS Hrvatska.

The aim of this conference is to bring together stakeholders dealing with heritage and its digital transformation; to provide a bridge between scientists and experts in the humanities, especially digital humanities, and professionals in the fields of library and information science, archival studies and museum cultural resource management. Its purpose is to promote the use of digital technology within heritage and humanities research as both a methodology and a tool in all domains of Heritage, Humanities and Social sciences.

In the frame of this event, topics such as Digital Humanities and Open Science,Cultural Heritage in Digital Environment, Digital Methods and Tools, Information Organization for the Digital Humanities, and Digital Infrastructures will be discussed.

Conference Topics:

  • Digital humanities and open science
  • Digital humanities as a contemporary cultural heritage research framework: definitions, approaches, institutionalization, education
  • Studying users in digital humanities
  • Cross-institutional cooperation and interdisciplinarity in the area of research and interpretation of cultural heritage
  • Methods and tools for cultural heritage research in the digital age: visualization of information, GIS, research data in humanities
  • Digitization of cultural heritage: practices, guidelines, documents, programs, criteria
  • Description and access to cultural heritage: conceptual models, standards and cataloguing rules
  • Manuscript studies in the digital age
  • Creative use of cultural heritage: promotion, cultural tourism, popularization and inclusion of the community in cultural heritage research (crowdsourcing, crowdfunding)
  • Knowledge organization in digital humanities systems