Europeana Network Association annual meeting

ENA General Assembly

Date: 29 November 2023, 10.00-12.00 CET
Venue: online
Participation: for ENA members only
Registration: here

On 29 November 2023, the Europeana Network Association (ENA) will hold its 2023 General Assembly meeting. Members are invited to join in interactive discussions around the strategic interests of ENA and the Europeana Initiative.

As the ENA, with the Europeana Initiative, is at the heart of the common European data space for cultural heritage, the meeting will provide a great opportunity for ENA members to discuss how they can contribute and help shape the data space. The team aims to look at their current professional practices and experiences with digital heritage, and what they expect that members can bring to the development and use of the data space.

Participating members will also have an opportunity to explore and engage with an exciting new Country Groups initiative that ENA is launching together with the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum and the Europeana Foundation, with a view to improve impact at country or regional level by acting as local hubs of knowledge and expertise. Members will also learn more about how they can get involved with initiatives to champion the data space and the Europeana Initiative in their own countries.

The Assembly will also launch the 2023 Members Council elections and voting period. We’re thrilled to announce, that TMO’s RFC editor Juha Henriksson is also a potential candidate for the Council.

The half-day event will take place online and will be moderated by the ENA Management Board.

The programme will include discussions and activities on:

  • The Europeana Initiative ‘Country Groups’ pilot action
  • Culture versus cultural heritage in the data space
  • Approval of the formal ENA documents (annual and financial reports)
  • Launch of the 2023 Members Council elections and voting

Please note that you need to be an ENA member in order to attend this event.