Time Machine 2019

Time Machine Conference 2019

The most ambitious cultural heritage event of 2019

The Time Machine Conference 2019 took place on 10-11 October 2019 at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany. It was the perfect opportunity to network with companies and academia from all over Europe that are aware of the resourceful potential of cultural heritage for education, scholarship, creative and cultural industries, entertainment and media business, urban planning, policy making and much more.

World-class talks

The participants had the chance to experience first-class speakers from world-leading science, technology and cultural institutions discussing the potential of cultural heritage data and technology for various domains. The conference was a unique opportunity to connect with internationally renowned representatives from high-profile businesses, Ministries and funding bodies as well as researchers and scientists from academic and cultural institutions.

Key talks

  • Christer Gustafsson (UNESCO ICOMOS)
  • Torsten Hartmann (Bitkom)
  • Frédéric Kaplan (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Harry Verwayen (Europeana)
  • Deborah Papiernik (Ubisoft)
  • Jens Ohlig (Wikimedia)

Expand your network

The Time Machine Conference was co-located with the GeNeMe conference on Media&Education as well as the ICOMOS CIPA Workshop on Urban History in the Age of Digital Libraries. This was an excellent opportunity of building and expanding networks within the international community.

Impressions of the Time Machine conference 2019