Call for small project fund management

  • Action type: INTERREG Bavaria - Czech Republic program 2021-2027, 3rd session
  • Opening date: 4 October 2022
  • Closing time: 16 August 2023 16:00 (Europe/Brussels)
  • Total budget: € 12 000 000
  • Official website


The programme INTERREG Bavaria – Czech Republic invites interested organisations to apply for the management of the small project fund.

Thematic priorities:

  • A smarter Europe: Innovative and smart economic transformation
  • A greener Europe: Low-carbon Europe
  • A more social Europe: Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights
  • A better cooperation governance

Projects with the following priorities can be submitted for the 3rd session of the Monitoring Committee:

    • Priority 1: Projects that contribute to activity type 2 (knowledge and technology transfer) can apply  . Potential projects must make a significant contribution to the output indicators O.01 (Enterprises supported) and O.02 (Enterprises with non-financial support). The other output indicators in priority 1 can also be used.
    • Priority 2: Projects that contribute to climate change adaptation and environmental protection through the implementation of a pilot activity. If possible, projects should relate to output indicators O.05 (construction or expansion of green infrastructure to adapt to climate change),O.07 (Green infrastructure supported for reasons other than climate change adaptation) and O.08 (Area of ​​Natura 2000 sites covered by protection and restoration measures). The other output indicators in priority 2 can also be used.
    • Priority 3: Educational projects
    • Priority 4: Projects in the field of culture and sustainable tourism
    • Priority 5: Projects in the field of better interreg governance and encounter projects

    Visit for further information regarding the Call, eligibility rules and supported priorities.



    • At least one Bavarian and one Czech partner must be involved in a project.
    • The partners nominate a lead partner from among themselves, who bears the entire responsibility for the implementation of the project.
    • Each project must be thematically assigned to a priority (or a specific objective).
    • The project must have a positive impact on the Bavarian and Czech border areas.
    • The funding rates are up to 80% of the total project costs eligible for co-financing.

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