Data Space for Cultural heritage (DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-DATA-AI-05-CULTHERITAGE)

  • Action type: DIGITAL-SIMPLE DIGITAL Simple Grants
  • Opening date: 28 September 2023
  • Closing time: 23 January 2024 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)
  • Budget per project: € 1 000 000 of total € 4 000 000
  • Estimated number of projects funded: 4
  • Project duration: 18 months
  • Official website


  • Setting or extending the necessary frameworks and tools for the availability of advanced 3D and XR data in the data space for cultural heritage, including know-how references and knowledge sharing;
  • Collaborating with existing and relevant European national and regional initiatives and/or platforms for 3D digitisation of museum artefacts, monuments and sites, and XR application in cultural heritage. A particular attention will be given to cultural heritage monuments and objects at risk of war damage, natural disasters, etc.;
  • Enriching the offer of 3D and XR data in the data space;
  • Offering online experiences for the public based on 3D and XR;
  • Fostering the re-use of cultural heritage XR and 3D data in important domains such as education, social sciences and humanities, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sector.

Expected outcome and Deliverables

  • Frameworks, tools, technologies, storage and processing capacities for making advanced 3D and XR data available in the data space.
  • High quality 3D and XR content and documentation made available in the data space.
  • New high-value datasets available for re-use, in particular 3D datasets, including for conducting scientific research, preservation and restoration purposes, re-use by the cultural and creative sector and other domains such as education.
  • Training and capacity building for cultural heritage institutions in making use of 3D and XR technologies.

This action will continue the deployment of an operational data space for cultural heritage. The objective is to make more high-quality content available, particularly in 3D, foster reuse of digitised cultural resources and provide more opportunities for the community to offer enriched services, thanks to the use of advanced technologies.

It will build on the work launched under the previous WP, which consists of two work strands. The first work strand is the deployment of the data space for cultural heritage through procurement, of which the objective is to set up and run the data space, building on the existing Europeana digital service infrastructure platform and, in so far as possible, the smart cloud-to-edge middleware platform Simpl. Its continuation may be addressed under actions in 2024. The second work strand consists of grants supporting cultural heritage institutions in making use of technologies and linking up to the data space. It focuses on seizing the opportunities of advanced technologies for increasing the quality, sustainability, use and reuse of the data, as well as building digital capacity in the cultural sector by collaborating with existing and relevant European, national and regional initiatives and platforms.

Complementarity will be sought with the new European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage to be developed under the Horizon Europe programme and the EIT Culture and Creativity, by establishing links to actions of these initiatives as appropriate. Additional complementarities may be sought with the actions in the new Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026. Synergies with the New European Bauhaus initiative are also encouraged.

The awarded projects will increase the offer of 3D and extended reality (XR) content in the common European data space for cultural heritage and will help advance the digital transformation of the cultural heritage institutions, as well as the reuse of such content in other domains, such us tourism or education.

Targeted stakeholders

Cultural heritage organisations, 3D and XR technology providers, academic and research partners, stakeholders in creative sectors, education, tourism, interested in re-use.


For the purpose of this Call, scenario should be one or more new 3D model(s) in an extended reality application, following a concrete, fully developed use case. 

Proposals must be submitted by minimum 3 independent applicants (beneficiaries; not affiliated entities) from 3 different eligible countries.

50% funding rate

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