• Action type: Action Programme 8: Community Catalyser (Call 5)
  • Opening date: 3 April 2023
  • Closing time: 31 May 2023 23:59 (Europe/Brussels)
  • Budget per project: € 250 000 of total € 1 500 000
  • Estimated number of projects funded: 6
  • Official website


The objective of this Call is to address the social fragmentation by providing spaces for communities to cohesively create a future of Europe for all. Specifically, the activities will seek to strengthen the sense of belonging by fostering civic participation and encouraging social and cultural entrepreneurship through CCSI-driven social innovation, resulting in products, services and models that address social needs while create social relationships and form new collaborations.

The activities shall leverage creative and cultural approaches enabling local communities to develop and implement innovative solutions leading to shared or similar challenges. Building on any of the creative and cultural subsectors (e.g., audiovisual, videogames, performing arts, music, architecture, design, culture, heritage or the arts) the approaches shall lead to clear innovations with scalable and replicable potential that increase both the social and cultural cohesion in the communities, as well as increasing a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Each project supported needs to demonstrate the capacity to meaningfully engage participants from civil society and for lowering potential barriers for access (e.g., physical, technical, cognitive, sociocultural). Specific projects with refugees or newcomers are encouraged.

Consortia need to design an impact monitoring strategy with quantifiable and qualitative results and data that can measure the long-term effects of CCSIs- led innovations, to facilitate the future replication and scale-up of new initiatives.


Consortia must consist of at least three independent organisations from three different EU or associated countries, of which at least one must be a partner from a RIS region, one must be a civil society organisation, and one partner must be an SME from the CCSI. Participation of microenterprises or start-ups is encouraged.

Consortia must select either EITHE02.4 (option A): Innovations launched on the market (sales revenue ≥ 10K€) (minimum target of one innovation is required), or EITHE04.4 (option B): Start-ups created (financial transaction ≥ 10K€) – (minimum target of one startup is required).


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