Interreg Aurora

  • Action type: Interreg VI-A: Sweden-Finland-Norway, Call 3
  • Opening date: 5 September 2023
  • Closing time: 10 October 2023 23:59 (Europe/Brussels)
  • Total budget: € 165 000 000
  • Official website


Interreg Aurora is a Programme in the European Union Interreg community for cross-border cooperation in 2021-2027. The Programme offers great opportunities and enables new and exciting cross-border cooperation in the northernmost parts of Europe and Sápmi. The Interreg Aurora has a unique feature, the Programme is integrated with Sápmi and the indigenous Sami people. The goal of Interreg Aurora is to encourage cross-border collaboration, and thereby strengthening the competitiveness, sustainability and attractiveness of the programme area through social inclusion, digitalisation and just green transition.

Geographical area covered by the call for proposal: FI194 South Ostrobothnia ǀ FI195 Ostrobothnia ǀ FI1D5 Central Ostrobothnia ǀ FI1D9 North Ostrobothnia ǀ FI1D7 Lapland ǀ NO020 Innlandet ǀNO060 Trøndelag ǀNO071 Nordland ǀ NO074 Troms og Finnmark ǀ SE312 Dalarnas län ǀ SE321 Västernorrlands län ǀ SE322 Jämtlands län ǀ SE331 Västerbottens län ǀ SE332 Norrbottens län

All ten regions in the Interreg Aurora Programme area and the three Sami Parliaments in Sweden, Finland and Norway have identified the need and the best opportunities to work across borders within the following Priorities and Specific Objectives:

Priority 1 – A smarter Europe
Smart and sustainable growth

Specific Objectives:

  • 1.1 Smart specialization, research and innovation
  • 1.2 Competitiveness of SMEs

Priority 2 – A greener Europe
Green and sustainable transition

Specific Objectives:

  • 2.1 Climate change adaptation
  • 2.2 Nature protection and biodiversity
  • 2.3 Sustainable mobility

Priority 3 – A more social Europe
Education, culture and sustainable tourism

Specific Objectives:

  •  3.1 Education and lifelong learning
  • 3.2 Culture and sustainable tourism

Priority 4 – A better Interreg Governance
Better and more sustainable cross-border cooperation

Specific Objective:

4.1 Cross-border capacity building

In sub-area Sápmi it is possible to apply for EU-funding and Norwegian IR-funding within all Priorities and all Specific Objectives. In sub-area Aurora it is possible to apply for EU-funding and Norwegian IR- funding within all Priorities and all Specific Objectives except 1.1 Smart specialisation, research and innovation, which will be closed during the third call. 

Type of eligible applicants: Universities ǀ HEI colleges ǀ academia ǀ polytechnic ǀ research institutions ǀ public sectors ǀindustries ǀcivil society ǀ business communities  ǀ business promotion actors  ǀcluster and industry associations  ǀNGOs ǀ education actors ǀ economic associations  ǀ private organisations ǀ micro, small and medium-sized enterprises ǀ regional tourism ǀ culture and creative clusters and platforms ǀ national, regional and local authorities ǀ cross-border entities ǀ intermediate bodies


Interreg Aurora will support 65% of Swedish and Finnish costs. The project partners need to finance 35% of their costs through own or other external sources. In addition, the Programme will support 50% of the Norwegian costs Norwegian partners need to finance 50% of their project costs through own or other external sources. The grant will be reimbursed based on actually incurred costs, flat-rates or lump sums.

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