• Action type: IPA ADRION 1st Call for Proposals
  • Opening date: 4 April 2023
  • Closing time: 30 June 2023 13:00 (Europe/Brussels)
  • Budget per project: € 1 500 000 of total € 65 000 000
  • Estimated number of projects funded: 43
  • Project duration: 36 months
  • Official website


The IPA ADRION programme’s main objective is to address the shared Adriatic-Ionian region challenges as biodiversity safeguard, climatic changes, sustainable transport, through the implementation of innovative models and tools, acting as a pivotal instrument for the identification of common solutions, contributing thus to make the region smarter and greener able to withstand future economic shocks.

PRIORITY 1: Supporting a smarter Adriatic and Ionian region

Specific Objective (SO):

1.1 Strengthening innovation capacities in the Adriatic – Ionian region

PRIORITY 2: Supporting a greener and climate resilient Adriatic and Ionian region

Specific Objectives (SO):

2.1. Enhancing resilience to climate change, natural and man-made disasters in the Adriatic- Ionian region

2.2. Supporting circular economy development in the Adriatic- Ionian region

2.3. Supporting environment preservation and protection in the Adriatic Ionian region

2.4 Supporting sustainable multimodal urban mobility in the Adriatic -Ionian region

PRIORITY 3: Supporting a carbon neutral and better connected Adriatic and Ionian region

Specific Objective (SO):

3.1 – Strengthening a carbon neutral smart mobility in the Adriatic- Ionian region

Partnership requirements

The IPA ADRION programme eligible area involves 10 countries, out of which 4 EU Member States (hereinafter ERDF participating countries), 5 non-EU Partner States, (hereinafter IPA participating countries); and one third country, namely:

ERDF participating countries:

  • Croatia (NUTS regions: Panonska Hrvatska; Jadranska Hrvatska; Grad Zagreb; Sjeverna Hrvatska);
  • Greece (NUTS regions: Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki; Kentriki Makedonia; Dytiki Makedonia; Thessalia; Ipeiros; Ionia Nisia; Dytiki Ellada; Sterea Ellada; Peloponnisos; Attiki; Voreio Aigaio; Notio Aigaio; Kriti);
  • Italy (NUTS regions: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli- Venezia Giulia, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Puglia, Sicilia, Umbria, Veneto);
  • Slovenia: (NUTS regions: Vzhodna Slovenija; Zahodna Slovenija).

IPA participating countries:

  • Albania;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • North Macedonia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Serbia.

Third Country:

  • San Marino.
Eligible project proposals must involve partners located in the programme geographical area. Partnership must be composed by minimum 6 project partners (LP, PPs) out of which at least 3 ERDF PPs of 3 different countries and 3 IPA PPs of 3 different countries. San Marino PPs do not account for the partnership minimum requirement. Lead partners may be based both in ERDF and IPA countries. The partnership can include up to a maximum of 2 financing Project Partners from the same participating country.
The same organization cannot be:
  • Lead Partner in more than 2 project proposals in two different Priority Axis;
  • Involved in more than 3 project proposals per call.

As an exception, the following public institutions/private non-commercial entities can be considered as “per department”:

  • Ministries;
  • Regional bodies (regions/counties/autonomous provinces);
  • Universities/research institutions;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (with its sectoral associations/chambers/regional networks.

“Department” is understood as an organisational unit with financial and administrative autonomy and having technical and administrative staff to ensure its functioning. Thus, each single department, within the above institutions, can be considered as a separate potential applicant.It is recommended that eligible partnership does not involve more than 12 financing project partners.Institutions located in San Marino can be involved in the projects either as partners or associated partners. They will not benefit from Interreg funds; their engagement shall be ensured by their own funds. Their participation shall not count for the fulfilment of the minimum eligible partnership size requirement.The potential beneficiaries will be identified on the basis of VAT or “other identification number” to be reported in the B section of the Application Form.Correctness of data will be verified by the National Contact Points, who will be the responsible bodies for the identification of the partners and the consequent verification on the number of applications the same partner is involved in.

Eligible Applicants

All organizations interested in being part of a project proposal must fulfil all the following criteria: 7

  • Established under the national law of one of the participating countries of the Programme;
  • Have their legal seat and their seat of operations in a participating country/part of a participating country included in the Programme area;
  • Be endowed with legal personality.

As an exception, and in order to overcome the geographical constraints applying to Italy, those Italian public authorities at national level which are competent in their scope of action for certain parts of the eligible area but located outside of it (e.g.: Ministries), are considered as Assimilated partners, with equal in rights and obligations of applicants located within the Programme geographical area.

In addition to the above, eligible financing project partners shall either be, according to their legal status:

  • Public authorities at national, regional and local public bodies, and associations formed by one or several of such public bodies;
  • Bodies governed by public law, and associations constituted by one or several bodies governed by public law, as defined in Article 2(4) of Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement;
  • EGTC, in accordance with art. 23.6 of Interreg Regulation. Eligible EGTC must be governed by the law of one of the IPA ADRION participating countries where the EGTC has its registered office. An EGTC cannot be a sole partner of an IPA ADRION project proposal;
  • Private bodies, including private companies, having legal personality;
  • International organisations under the national law of one of the IPA ADRION participating countries.


Thematic priorities of this call that may be of particular interest to TMO members:

1.1 Strengthening innovation capacities in the Adriatic – Ionian region

  • Promote and encourage the development of transnationally designed innovations (technical and non-technical innovation, including services) through pilot and joint actions contributing to face societal and environmental challenges like energy efficiency or climate change;
  • Promote the development of transnational partnerships, cluster-to-cluster cooperation, innovative networks, and similar initiatives;
  • Promote digital divide reduction by enhancing digital solutions in the private and public sector, and digital capacity building;
  • Promote actions and measures supporting SMEs development and modernization including intellectual property, technical and financial issues; testing solutions closer to the market (i.e.: proof of concept mechanisms, etc.), as well as the introduction of quality and sustainable requirements.

2.4 Supporting sustainable multimodal urban mobility in the Adriatic -Ionian region

  • Set in place joint actions aimed at promoting the active involvement of citizens, tourism actors and economic operators in the development of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) both in cities and in functional urban areas.

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