Ready for action

Kick-Off EIT Culture & Creativity Action Programmes

EIT Culture & Creativity will run 10 Action Programmes (AP) to pursue five Strategic Objectives. The amazing team of Action Programme Directors will steer the development of each Action Programme and set the grounds for success during the year 2023.

We are happy to be able to share with you they key objectives of each Strategic Objective and introduce the Action Programme Directors.

Strategic Objective #1: Education

EIT Culture & Creativity will create and deploy interdisciplinary education programmes for future-proofing the skillsets of students and professionals in the creative and cultural industries, and cross-fertilising other sectors with creativity and design as transversals skills.

This Strategic Objective will be supported and driven by two Action Programmes:

Action Prorgamme #1: Talent Skaler

The aim of this Action Programme is to complement the portfolio of Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) related education programmes with new MSc and PhD tracks tailored explicitly to entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary skills, and to mainstream creative and design thinking skills in other programmes.

Action Programme Director: Caroline Parkinson (University of Edinburgh)

Action Programme #2: Skills Fitter

Action Programme 2 aims to develop a comprehensive catalogue of lifelong learning opportunities for upskilling and reskilling of the creative and cultural workforce in Europe as well as boosting creative thinking and practice in other sectors.

Action Programme Directors: Ruth Daniel and Teresa Ó Brádaigh Bean (In Place Of War)

Strategic Objective #2: Innovation

EIT Culture & Creativity will translate Europe’s leading knowledge, technologies and innovations into products, services and experiences leveraging collaborations across domains by creative stakeholders, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, while driving the Triple Transition (Green, Digital & Social) of and with cultural and creative industries.

Action Programme #3: Breakthrough Labs

This Action Programme will support creative and cultural stakeholders in finding and developing cross-domain breakthrough solutions for global challenges by applying emerging technological, non-technological and social innovations.

Action Programme Director: Jenny Kornmacher (Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft)

Action Programme #4: Triple Transformer

Action Programme 4 will develop, pilot, and optimise transformation programmes for cultural and creative companies and organisations towards the digital, green and/or social transitions.

Action Programme Director: Milena Stoycheva (JA Bulgaria)

Strategic Objective #3: Creation

EIT Culture & Creativity will co-create Private and Public Value by working to connect startups with the market and implementing innovative solutions that open new opportunities for diverse creative players, paving the way for sustainable ecosystem growth and consolidation.

Action Programme #5: Venture Factory

This Action Programme will create incubation and scaling programs for promising startups and will attract investments and create bridges with legacy players who must implement innovative solutions to become sustainable.

Action Programme Director: Alejandra Panighi (Mediapro)

Action Programme #6: Market Connector

Action Programme #4 aims to create financial, organisational and strategic support instruments to empower CCIs players, including start-ups and SMEs in current and future markets.

Action Programme Director: Soenke Zehle (K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH)

Further information on the remaining Actions Programmes and Strategic Objectives will follow here soon.