Autour du monde avec Jules Jacot Guillarmod (1868-1925). Photographies et Journal


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The Jules Jacot Guillarmod collection constitutes an exceptionally rich historical heritage. His personal journal, kept from the age of eighteen until his death, includes more than 6,000 handwritten pages divided into 74 notebooks. Being an experienced photographer, he also left behind him some 12,000 stereographs on glass plates, today part of the permanent collection of Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, featuring places of interest in Switzerland, Himalayas and many other parts of the world. The diaries are deposited at the City Library of La Chaux-de-Fonds (BV).

The BV is also the custodian of the digitized files representing 4,500 photographs, which were cataloged with the help of Memoriav. This database and the journal transcript make it possible to understand and use the archive to its fullest, the two sources complementing each other.

The digital enhancement of Jules Jacot Guillarmod‘s journal and photographic collection is an innovative approach for private heritage archives aimed at ensuring their preservation and accessibility to all audiences. Once completed, it is expected to stand as a source for countless documentary, historical and scientific research possibilities.

Project lead

Ph.D. Cyril Bornet

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