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Project duration: 2021 - 2024 Date coverage: 1300 - 1800 Contact

Digital Cultural Heritage Movable Heritage Historical Documents (e.g. Notarial sources; Census records; Ecclesiastical documents; Correspondence) OCR / HTR 3D / 4D modelling and reconstruction

Hohensalzburg digital sees itself as a digital cultural heritage project. This requires the methodological tools of the interdisciplinary historical sciences, as well as digital technologies and tools developed by computer science. The researchers involved contribute expertise at the interface between digital data indexing in the field of material culture and systematic research into the meaning of objects in a cultural and intellectual history horizon that goes beyond their usage scenario. For the digital indexing of the surviving written sources, the transcription software “Transkribus” is used, with which digitised sources can be stored, machine-transcribed, annotated and exported in various data formats, including TEI-XML, the standard format for the long-term archiving of text data.
Parallel to the digital processing of the historical written data, research on the history of building and ownership is being digitally recorded and modelled and spatial data digitally processed in cooperation with the fortress administration of Hohensalzburg. Building Information Modelling (BIM) approaches are used for documentation, analysis and communication of information on rooms in order to enrich spatial information with object-related data. For this purpose, existing planning documents are prepared in CAD programmes and a digital room book enriched with data obtained from written sources and artefacts is created.


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  • Universität Salzburg, History Department
  • Festungsverwaltung Hohensalzburg

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The project will be funded by the Land Salzburg