EURECA: European Region Enrichment in City Archives and Collections


Project duration: 2018 - 2019 Date coverage: 1000 - 2021 Website Contact

Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Tourism

EURECA investigates the use of Location Based Services and personalized/contextualized content applications for unlocking and valorising historical heritage collections in cities, e.g. through tourist routing. EURECA includes two test cases, the cities of Ghent and Vienna. The project investigates the cultural differences and interests of tourists visiting European cities based on their country of origin. To achieve this, social media data from geo-tagged Flickr and Twitter posts are analyzed. That way, clusters of tags can be assigned to each point of interest in a city. Different clusters and activities of tourists from different countries can be filtered and compared, revealing differences (or similarities) between their behavior and cultural interests.

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  • Stad Gent
  • Ghent City Museum (STAM)
  • Stadt Wien

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