Gent Gemapt – Ghent Mapped


Project duration: 2020 - 2023 Date coverage: 1400 - 2020 Website Contact

Digital Cultural Heritage Platform for data aggregation or retrieval Linked Data Urban History Urban Topography

Gent Gemapt is a heritage pilot project for building a participative “Deep Map” or geotemporal platform for sharing, presenting and using digital heritage collections from the City of Ghent (Middle Ages to present). At the core of Gent Gemapt is an Urban Gazetteer of the City of Ghent, i.e. a list  of ‘places’ (streets, buildings, monuments, water) with all their temporal and spatial properties.

In the first phase a proof of concept will be developed for the neighbourhood of De Krook, the city library. In the second phase Gent Gemapt will be enrolled for the whole territory of Ghent. Finally, the third phase participative projects will be outrolled and the platform will be opened up with Linked Open Data.

Project partners

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Other partners

  • Ghent University Library
  • Ghent City Museum STAM
  • Ghent City Archive
  • Huis van Alijn
  • Industriemuseum

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