Karlsruher Zeitmaschine VR app


Project duration: 2012 - 2025 Date coverage: 1739 - 2015 Website Contact

3D / 4D modelling and reconstruction AR / VR Urban History

VR app for smartphones: Karlsruher Zeitmaschine

The VR app was developed by the Geoinformation Management Bachelor Course at the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Karlsruhe).

Three-dimensional, stereoscopic 360° images were generated at twelve locations in downtown Karlsruhe where interesting changes in the cityscape have taken place for five time periods: 1739 – 1834 – 1915 – 1945 and 2015.

On site, the user can use a VR cardboard and his smartphone to view the virtual all-round views in three dimensions on a scale of 1:1. The historical changes can be experienced through direct comparison with reality.

Project partners

Lead partners

  • 0013Y00002ymZI8QAM

Other partners

  • City administration of Karlsruhe
  • City Museum of Karlsruhe
  • City Archive of Karlsruhe

Public datasets

Karlsruher Zeitmaschine

VR-app. apk-file for Android

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