Les constitutions du Valais en un coup d’oeil


Project duration: 2018 - 2025 Date coverage: 1905 - 2021 Website

Platform for data aggregation or retrieval Historical Documents (e.g. Notarial sources; Census records; Ecclesiastical documents; Correspondence) Crowdsourcing / Citizens’ science Natural language processing (NLP) Apps / Interfaces for data visualization

In 2018, the Canton of Valais in Switzerland agreed to renew its 1907 constitution via a constitutional assembly.
One hundred thirty elected representatives are now writing a new constitution. This project, which is part of Constitutions Time Machine, aims to create a digital platform bringing together the Canton of Valais’ different constitutions through the ages and the archives of the parliamentary debates that took place before the finalization of an article of law. This platform aims to explore the links between constitutional articles and articles of law. The interactive, digital, and participative format of this platform allows citizens to visualize, analyze, and better understand a constitutional text’s role, therefore encouraging community participation in shaping legal documents.

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  • Archives de l'Etat du Valais
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