Lost Budapest


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Photogrammetry Education / pedagogy 3D / 4D modelling and reconstruction Gamification

We at “Lost Budapest” are creating a digital twin of the 1930/40s Hungarian capital, making its main roads and squares explorable by walking, driving, and taking its vast tram system.

The format is a credible First Person View simulation, with the remaining blueprints, maps, photographs, films, newspaper articles utilized. Made in Unreal Engine.

We are developing a free access program with the Budapest Archive. This shows the Blaha Lujza square, one of the busiest places in the pre-war city, with history-inspired facts about the surrounding buildings and their notable residents at the time.

We are also working on a videogame for an international audience, utilizing this content. We are aiming to give an immersive experience of the bustling streets, showing the last years of its architectural golden era, before its bridges and many palaces were demolished during the 1944/1945 siege. In those days, Budapest was a preferred place for international criminal gangs, with lots of mysteries we have to untangle. The plot is fictional, but based on historical facts and real persons. The gameplay consists of investigations, logical challenges and limited violence against gang members.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8N1TnU8pXE

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Website: https://eltuntbudapest.wixsite.com/game

Project lead

Márk Pelle