Modeling a multi-viewpoint ontology of Jerusalem


Project duration: 2020 - 2022 Date coverage: -2000 - 2000 Contact

Urban History Digital Cultural Heritage

Jerusalem is a city of great ethnic, cultural, political and religious diversity. Thus, the aim of this project is to design an ontological model that will harmoniously integrate the diverse and even contradictory views and voices of this extra-ordinary city. The proposed ontology model will also include a temporal dimension to represent the dynamics of changes and evolution of different viewspoints of the city and their inter-relationships. To this end, a multi-viewpoint ontological model presented in Zhitomirsky-Geffet (2019) will be utilized, which allows to define a separate sub-system of the ontology for each viewpoint, and explicitly mark joint and distinct statements from the different viewpoints, and thus link the multiple sub-systems into a unified network.

Zhitomirsky-Geffet, M. (2019). Towards a Diversified Knowledge Organization
System – An Open Network of Inter-Linked Subsystems with Multiple Validity
Scopes. Journal of Documentation. DOI:

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