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Audiovisual Heritage Tools for data mining/extraction Apps / Interfaces for data visualization

The MediaScape project investigates how innovative interfaces can provide generous access to audiovisual collections in order to make connections between the interests of individuals and heritage objects.

While most collection interfaces employ a query-based interface model, like a search bar, this leaves many user segments unsatisfied. An alternative is to be more forthcoming about what can be found in a collection and offering readily available paths to access different parts of it. This idea of ‘generous interfaces’ was first formulated by Mitchell Whitelaw in 2012 and since applied and expanded in various directions in the Digital Cultural Heritage field.

As part of our investigation in the MediaScape project, we are developing a series of generous user interface (UI) concepts for audiovisual collections. We have developed and evaluated a prototype interface, the ‘Open Images Browser’, which uses generous interface principles to give access to NISV’s Open Images collection of openly licensed AV material.

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