OldMapsOnline.org is the largest search engine for high-resolution historical maps on the Internet. It has already indexed over 500 thousand scanned maps from institutions all over the world and serves millions of online visitors.

Thanks to partners such as The British Library, Stanford’s David Rumsey Map Center, National Library of Scotland, and of many others – amazing archival maps can be discovered with just a few clicks, and can be browsed via a map search, timeline, or found with Google.

A highly dedicated team is improving the service, working on the design, user-interfaces, and supporting the community and partnerships formed over the last decade. 

The refreshed site will integrate the Compare and Georeferencer tools, becoming the single entry-point to conduct online research, connect Linked Data, embed the maps and stories in third-party websites and blog posts, or share them across the web. Visitors can explore and be inspired by the rich history of map archives from across the world. 

We aim to further grow the community around OldMapsOnline and attract the young generation to be interested in old maps and valued historical collections while encouraging visits to physical map libraries to see the real beautiful archival documents in person, when possible.

The mission of the OldMapsOnline project is to breathe new life into old maps and increase their accessibility through the online environment. Map libraries and cultural heritage institutions are encouraged to participate and help this project with its mission.

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