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Historical Documents (e.g. Notarial sources; Census records; Ecclesiastical documents; Correspondence) Photos Urban History 2D reconstruction Digital Cultural Heritage Digitization of collections Education / pedagogy Platform for data aggregation or retrieval is a project aiming to develop individual places and their inhabitants in a modern – digital – form.

The aim of the project is to create a complex memory portal (, where both specialist texts (principle of an online encyclopedia) and digital copies of all possible historical sources on history (especially Slovakia) have their place (starting with the oldest material finds and old documents to more recent image sources such as photos or postcards, all the way to the latest audio and video memorabilia by contemporaries of the recent decades = principle of a database). At the same time, the project has the ambition to develop modern reconstruction maps as well as historical maps and plans of the city and, where possible, to position the digital copies on the cartographic background (geo-referenced digital copies = principle of a historical city atlas).

The portal is currently in a test phase and its structure, as well as content, will gradually improve.

The portal is intended for the general public, but due to the commitment of historians and other professionals, it has scientific ambitions. The encyclopedic texts as well as metadata (information on individual digital copies) are written by an author and edited by an editor (mostly editor J. Šedivý). For all digital copies, the owners/administrators (memory institutions or collectors) are listed with signatures.

The portal makes digitized historical sources on the history of the city available to the public free of charge in low resolution (usually only up to around 100 dpi). Those interested in high-quality digital copies (approx. 600 dpi) can contact the owners or administrators of the originals (museums, archives, private collectors). They can offer interested parties for further information, the digital copies themselves or even originals under their own user rules.

The project started in 2013, the first online version of the portal was published online in summer 2015.

Main project partners are: 

Content providers:

  • Bratislava, hlavné mesto SR
  • Archív mesta Bratislavy (AMB)
  • Archív mesta Košice (AMK)
  • Archív Pamiatkového úradu Slovenskej republiky (A PÚ SR)
  • Mestský ústav ochrany pamiatok (MÚOP)
  • Archeologické múzeum SNM (AM SNM)
  • Historické múzeum SNM (HM SNM)
  • Múzeum kultúry karpatských Nemcov SNM (MKKN SNM)
  • Stredoslovenské múzeum v Banskej Bystrici (SSM)
  • Východoslovenské múzeum v Košiciach (VSM)
  • Múzeum mesta Bratislavy (MMB)
  • Štátny archív v Košiciach (ŠA KE)
  • Ústredná knižnica SAV (ÚK SAV)

Project partners

Other partners

  • ui42
  • o. z. Bratislavské rožky
  • Bratislavské dobrovoľnícke centrum
  • Agentúra na podporu výskumu a vývoja
  • Spolok priateľov Turzovky
  • Miestne zastupiteľstvo Lozorno