ReTV: Reinventing TV for the Digital Age


Project duration: 2018 - 2021 Date coverage: 1930 - 2021 Website Contact

ReTV develops technologies tailored for the analysis, adaptation and distribution of audiovisual broadcaster collections, and understanding of the contemporary digital media landscape.

The project has created a pipeline to collect and analyse online data from websites and social media platforms across four languages (English, German, French, Dutch) in order to monitor topics, trends and stories in digital media. The data visualisation dashboard visualises these data sources and allows users to query and explore them along multiple dimensions, including sentiment, emotion and location.

Alongside this, ReTV’s video analysis and summarisation service understands genres and characteristics of broadcaster content and provides a way to quickly review audiovisual content through video summaries that capture the essence of the full-legth videos.

ReTV is a pan-European research action that brings computer scientists, broadcasters, interactive TV companies and audiovisual archives from across Europe.

Project partners

Other partners

  • Modul Technology GmbH
  • Information Technologies Institute – CERTH
  • webLyzard Technology GmbH
  • Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Genistat

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