STREAM: Spatiotemporal Research Infrastructure for Early Modern Flanders and Brabant


Project duration: 2016 - 2020 Date coverage: 1500 - 1700 Website Contact

Socio-Economic History Digital Infrastructure Platform for data aggregation or retrieval

STREAM is short for Spatiotemporal Research Infrastructure for Early Modern Flanders and Brabant. This infrastructure will make local statistics from the early modern period available for scientific research. STREAM gathers extensive collections of historical data from primary sources that have been digitized, harmonized and made ready for use for scientific research. It is open to all quantitative and quantifiable sources that can contribute to regionally diversified datasets but priority is given to data on the composition of the population: demographic characteristics, household composition, occupational situation etc. The database is uniformly structured per variable and per locality in the study area. In addition, the database also contains more detailed data at the micro level.

STREAM is built and managed by the Quetelet Center at Ghent University.

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  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Free University Brussels