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Project duration: 2021 - 2024 Date coverage: 1860 - 1960 Website Contact

AR / VR Digital Cultural Heritage Archive (Semi-)automated pipelines/workflows Digital Tourism Drawings, prints, and other pictorial sources Photos Urban History

The Lithuanian-based mobile app project tARvel was born in Vilnius (LT) during the pandemic when the traditional way of visiting museums became inaccessible. Currently, tARvel enables best personal travelling experience while visiting Vilnius and it helps generate tourist routes around the city including particular places of interest with the help of old photos and augmented reality to show the way places used to look years ago. Photo materials can be displayed in the places of interest around the town, showing what the life of people and city used to be like in the past centuries. 

By combining modern augmented reality technologies (AR) with archive photos showing how cities and buildings looked decades ago and how they look today, the team behind tARvel is furthermore working on preparing routes for Tallinn, Stockholm and Warsaw.

For museums, tARvel is an open platform that allows quick and easy creation of tourist itineraries. Museums have the opportunity to place objects from their collections in the urban space in a digital form with geo-referencing.  For tourists, tARvel is available as a mobile app – an interactive guide around the city that allows them to choose a route according to their preferences at any time of the day or night.

The project can be implemented in any country or city around the globe, making it highly versatile and scalable. tARvel is currently facilitated by the Lithuanian State Archive, the Tallinn City Archives, Kolor Historii (Poland) and Stockholmskällan.

A beta version of the app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. 

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  • Lithuanian State Archive
  • Tallinn City Archives
  • Kolor Historii
  • Stockholmskällan