The Narrative Sources from the Medieval Low Countries


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Narrative Sources aims to offer an exhaustive and critical survey of all the narrative sources originating from the medieval Low Countries. The database is intended to inventory all texts which describe the past in a narrative way: annals, chronicles, letters, diaries, poems, saint’s lives, genealogies etc. Narrative Sources covers present day Belgium and the Netherlands as well as those areas which belonged historically to the Low Countries but are part now of France (French Flanders, French Hainault) or Germany (East Frisia, the northern Rhineland). The texts inventoried in Narrative Sources date from the sixth to the first half of the sixteenth century.

Narrative Sources currently holds 2327 medieval texts with metadata (ID-number, type, language, author, biographical info on the author, title, incipit, explicit, size, century, region, redaction, abstract, context, manuscripts, editions, translations, sources, influence, literature, desiderata, name of the contributor and update code). Narrative Sources also offers the possibility to reconstruct the manuscript context in which separate texts, considered as narrative sources, have been transmitted.

The database is available online in Dutch and English.

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