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Topotheque Sastamala is an online archive operated by Sastamala Museum and its local companions.
It is an regional historical source of reference, focusing on not only preserving historical material kept in private hands, but also on making it visible to the public. Our archive gives a view to what Sastamala was like before and what it is like now.

Most of the content and user base is from Finland. There is also material in our archive from Karelian Pyhäjärvi municipality, from whose territory the inhabitants moved to Sastamala during the Second World War. The archive contains photos, texts, audio, and videos.

Topoteqhue is an interactive archive. Together with the public, we collect, digitize, share and enrich the data. Sastamala Museum implements a collection project every year with specific Village Partner. Village Partner Model was selected to The Golden Collection of Good Practices related to Council of Europe’s Strategy 21. (The PDF version is already available online in English: pages 28-30).

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