4D for cultural heritage

#MemberMonday: AD&D 4D

Meet our Time Machine member AD&D 4D Asociación para la Documentación y Divulgación 4D del Patrimonio Histórico, Artístico, Cultural y Natural (AD&D 4D) – a Spain-based association for the documentation and dissemination of historical, artistic and cultural heritage in 4D.

AD&D 4D is a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals in geomatics and graphic documentation with the purpose of preserving and enhancing cultural and natural heritage through cutting-edge technologies.

Mission statement

Currently, 3D has become a new and powerful way of expression, communication and transmission of knowledge. AD&D 4D’s mission is to apply the latest technologies not only as interactive illustrations but also as heuristic tools of discovery. The magnitude of their interests, as is clear from their name, includes the wide range of manifestations of humanity and nature.
​There are multiple technologies that AD&D 4D uses in 2D and 3D heritage digitization: laser scanner, photogrammetry, stereo-photography, 360º panoramic, remote sensing, GIS, GPS, ICT, drones, etc.
AD&D 4D publishes their work in the Repositori UJI (Universidad Jaime I). From there it is collected in other digital libraries and repositories, using archival and document management techniques and processes guaranteeing the correct ordering, preservation, access and exchange of the data associated with graphic and geomatic documentation, adjusted to recognized international standards (Europeana). AD&D 4D strives to make heritage more accessible to a global audience, and preserve documented heritage for future generations.

Please visit AD&D 4D´s website to learn more about their work and browse their impressive portfolio ranging from archeology, architecture, art to science projects.

Image credit: AD&D 4D