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#MemberMonday: Biblioteca de Galicia

We are happy to welcome a recent member of the Time Machine Organisation – the Biblioteca de Galicia – to our network!

The Biblioteca de Galicia (Library of Galicia) is the central library of the Galician Library System. As a center promoting Galician culture, it ensures the recovery, conservation and dissemination of the bibliographical heritage of Galicia and safeguards all the books, in any type of medium, that are published in Galicia.

In order to provide quality library services, in addition to conserving and disseminating its funds, as well as a valuable set of collections of unique publications, the Biblioteca de Galicia is the connection center of the Network of Public Libraries of Galicia with the international library field.

The Biblioteca de Galicia is configured as a modern center that manages, diffuses and preserves both traditional printed materials (books and periodicals, engraving, photography, etc.), as well as new media (sound, audiovisual, electronic, etc.) through consultations and services carried out in-situ, at its location in the Cidade da Cultura, as well as carried out online or through consultations to its extensive and pioneering digital library. Its physical presence in the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia represents both a challenge and an opportunity to offer the entire Galician society and those outside Galicia a wide range of services available to the general public and to researchers as of 2011.

As a depository center for the most valuable bibliographical heritage in Galicia, the Biblioteca de Galicia is fundamentally directed at researchers, scholars or people interested in Galician culture. The funds in physical support are accessible to people dedicated to research, whether academic or derived from a particular interest, who can access the documentation in the dependencies of this center. It also offers digitized collections through the Galician network, as well as a public access catalogue.
The tranquility of its rooms is open to the general reading public, with ideal facilities to develop intellectual activity in an incomparable architectural setting.

Galiciana is the digital library of Galicia, whose mission is to virtually preserve and disseminate the rich Galician documentary and bibliographic heritage. Galiciana currently integrates, in addition to the Galician Library’s own funds, digitized works in collaboration with the main Galician heritage libraries.

Discover the Biblioteca Galicia.