Welcome Juha Henriksson!

New Time Machine RFC Editor

We are thrilled to finally make it official: Juha Henriksson (Director of the Music Archive Finland and Time Machine Ambassador) is our new Request for Comments (RFC) Editor!

Watch our video below to learn more about the current status quo of our Time Machine RFCs, what the position of the Time Machine RFC Editor is all about and finally Juha’s plans on how to progress our ongoing work.

Since Juha joined the Time Machine network as Time Machine Ambassador, he has eagerly and significantly contributed to the success and growth of our network. In April 2020 he initiated a survey directed at the Finnish Time Machine Organisation (TMO) members, mapping their capabilities, infrastructures, activities, needs and wishes in relation to Time Machine. The aim of this survey was to promote the networking of TMO members, as well as to facilitate new cooperation projects between the different players.

Further details on this study can be found via the link below.

Time Machine Request for Comments

Reaching consensus on the technology options to pursue in a programme as large as Time Machine is a complex issue. To ensure the open development and evaluation of work, a process inspired by the Request for Comments (RFC) that was used for the development of the Internet protocol IETF RFC 791 is being adapted to the needs of Time Machine. Time Machine Requests for Comments are freely accessible publications, identified with a unique ID, that constitute the main process for establishing rules, recommendations and core architectural choices for Time Machine components.

If you are interested to learn more about our RFCs, click the button below.