Spotlight on Minority Communities

Project DIGICHer – Digitisation of the cultural heritage of minority communities for equity and renewed engagement

In February 2024 the project “Digitisation of cultural heritage of minority communities for equity and renewed engagement” (DIGICHer) officially started, funded under Horizon Europe. The 36-month initiative is led by the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania, together with 8 partners including our members Europeana Foundation and Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. TMO is a supporting partner in this project, which aims at designing a new and practical framework that promotes equity, inclusion and diversity in the representation of digital cultural content. The framework will be developed collaboratively with representatives from three minority groups: the Sámi, the Jewish and the Ladin people, taking into account the legal, political, socio-economic and technological aspects of cultural heritage digitisation.

The project partners will create knowledge-based recommendations for policy and decision-makers, focussing on enhancing digitisation efforts for cultural heritage collections with an emphasis on improving equity, diversity and inclusion by placing minority groups at the centre of the digitisation efforts.

We, as TMO, are happy to support such a valuable initiative and will make sure to keep you all posted on the results of the project’s activities. So, stay tuned!