CH Data Space

Common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Access cultural heritage data from across Europe

The common European data space for cultural heritage stands as a flagship initiative of the European Union, aimed at speeding up the digital transformation within the cultural heritage sector. It includes advanced infrastructure, a lively community, and a range of products, frameworks, and tools designed to facilitate the open and reliable sharing of heritage data across Europe. This initiative empowers the sector by providing capacity-building opportunities and backing digital strategies for cultural heritage throughout Europe.

Developed based on the efforts of the Europeana Initiative, and working alongside 13 other data spaces, it plays a central role in Europe’s vision for a flourishing, data-driven society.

The consortium is lead by Europeana and consists of 19 partners from 9 European countries.

Enhancing Participation and Digital Culture: Europe’s Cultural Heritage Data Space

The cultural heritage data space boosts engagement with Europe’s cultural legacy and advocates for digital culture as a public asset. It provides access to top-tier data, with a focus on 3D content, and encourages individuals to repurpose it and discover new worth within it.

Interoperability with other data spaces will be a key feature of the cultural heritage data space, fostering standardized data exchanges, innovation, and exploration.

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