Fill Time Machine with life

Propose a Local Time Machine Project

Time Machine will only be capable to invigorate European history with the Big Data of the Past when filled with life. Breathing life into Time Machine is a joint effort. Local Time Machine Projects are a way for partners to directly contribute content created in the context of their individual local projects and thus co-design and inspirit Time Machine.

If you are currently conducting or have already completed a project aimed at mining and visualising data about the past of a specific city or place, be warmly invited to use the form below to register your project as a Local Time Machine Project and help us create the Big Data of the Past.

To get an overview of all relevant information concerning Local Time Machine Projects, see the corresponding factsheet and the FAQ page.

In case you have any further questions about, feel free to send us a message via our contact page.

Please note: all fields marked with * are mandatory. Once you have filled in all the data related to your project, press the ‘Submit proposal’ button in order to save and submit the registration. Data filled in without subsequently pressing the ‘Submit’ button are not stored between sessions.