The Accessible Archive: Historical Family Research as Digital Citizen Science

3-4 April 2020 | Halle/Saale

Organised by ICARUS, Archion GmbH and the German non-profit Association for Computer Genealogy (CompGen), the conference “The Accessible Archive: Historical Family Research as Digital Citizen Science” not only celebrates the 30-year anniversary of CompGen, the 10-year anniversary of the Matricula portal and the 5-year anniversary of Archion.
What is even more important, this triple anniversary aims at closer connecting archive users, archivists, e-Humanities and Cultural Studies.

All three organisers are united by their joint interest in researching family histories with digital tools. The event will put a special focus on how to coordinate their projects towards a Time Machine Leipzig and Thomas Aigner (Vice president Time Machine Organisation) will be present to join the discussions.

Date: 3-4 April 2020
Venue: Halle/Saale (Germany)
Conference language: German

Time Machine Leipzig

CompGen has always supported the cooperation and partnership between archives and genealogists. Therefore, CompGen cooperates with archives that facilitate advanced index possibilities. For instance, file cards recording families from the city of Leipzig kept in the State Archives of Leipzig have already been fully indexed and the indexing of further file cards recording last wills is currently running. The aim is to link these collected data from the Archive not only amongst each other but also with further data that have been collected by other research projects run by CompGen. These projects could be seen as some first steps towards a Time Machine Leipzig.

Background Information on CompGen

CompGen has 3800 members and is by far the biggest genealogy association in German-speaking territories and has been a cooperation partner within the Time Machine project from the start.

Right from the beginning, CompGen pursued the idea of Open Data to help genealogists and family researchers in all ways possible. Their motto is: “Family research is an exciting hobby and it makes even more fun when researching together and sharing research results altruistically with like-minded people.” In that sense, CompGen carries out acknowledged Citizen Science projects and invites everyone interested to participate in their Open Access projects.