A growing network

The Topotheque on the rise

Our partner network the Topotheque has exciting news and milestones to share – continuously expanding its online archive keeps growing into an abundant and multi-faceted source of shared cultural heritage memories.

Facts, facts, facts

  • Currently 437 Topotheques online
  • In Carinthia (Austria) the Topotheque has advanced to be a Regional State Project
  • The Topotheque was represented in three LEADER regions (Danube Bohemian Forest, Wine District-Danube Region, Wine District-East)
  • Currently more than 1,200.000 images online

Carinthia Regional State project

The project Topotheque in Municipalities started as Regional State Project in Carinthia: The first 30 municipalities to register a Topotheque will be reimbursed the installation costs of the Topotheque software by the Regional State of Carinthia. The kick-off event took place on 8 March 2022 at the Regional State Archive of Carinthia. A local newspaper reported.

The Topoteque in LEADER regions

Setting impulses means starting with projects that will last beyond the duration of their life time and thus become a permanent institution of a region. This is already being done in three LEADER regions in Lower and Upper Austria, which are integrating the Topotheque into projects. Currently, the regional medium “Tips” reports on the Topotheques in the district of Rohrbach as “one of the successful projects”, which can also be seen in the short film that explains the LEADER philosophy.

In the “Danube-Bohemian Forest” region, the citizen science project for collecting regional knowledge and historical material has come to an end after three years, but is all the more under discussion, because the 25 top pharmacies have become the hub of local and religious history.

Further in the east of Austria, in the Lower Austrian LEADER region Wine District-Danube Region, the Topotheque is used as a basis for the remembrance and historical safe guarding work in seven communities. The neighboring LEADER region Wine District-East, the LEADER project with 33 participating municipalitiesthat can already count more than 100,000 entries shortly before the official project ending. Voluntary Topotheque managers together with the population form a colorful mosaic of local histories and thus also document the history of the region. Regular regional press coverage highlights special finds in Topotheques.