Time Machine at “Behind the Scenes of the City”

Venue: Stockholm City Museum

Date: 25-26 October 2021

Admission: Free-of-charge but registration is kindly required

Language: English

Behind the Scenes of the City – The Hidden, the Forbidden, the Forgotten

Our Executive Board member and Time Machine vice president Julia Noordegraaf (Professor of Digital Heritage, Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam) will have the pleasure to present Time Machine and in particular the Amsterdam Time Machine at this enticing sounding conference in Stockholm.

The Stockholm City Museum invites speakers and the audience alike to discover and discuss hidden and forgotten aspects of the urban past as part of the project “Mångdimensionella vandringar i stadens historia (Gendered Spaces: Multidimensional Walks in Urban History)”.

The event focuses on the art of uncovering and disseminating aspects of a problematic or proscribed nature. A challenging yet exciting approach to integrating all facets of life in the past into a shared historiography.