Time Machine at the Maritime Museum of Finland

Date: 3-4 March 2020
Time: 9.00 – 14.00 o´clock
Venue: Maritime Museum of Finland in Kotka

The Maritime Museum of Finland is situated in the Maritime Centre Vellamo at the old city port of Kotka. Kotka is known for pushing the boundaries and exploring new grounds in terms of new technology – the city is not just famous for having had the first two wireless telegraph sets for civilian use in the world. The ultra modern Maritime Museum of Finland likewise invites to explore the rich history of seafaring which has always been about discovering new grounds, too. A perfect setting for sharing our Time Machine vision with an interested audience.

Within the final project seminar of the project “Svensksund AD 1790 – Beneath the Red Waves” administered by the Maritime Museum of Finland and financed by the Alfred Korderlin Foundation, our Finnish Time Machine Ambassador Tomi Ahoranta (Development Manager at the National Archives of Finland and member of the TMO Executive Board) wil give a presentation on “Time Machine: A Large-Scale Initiative to Digitise Europe’s Cultural Heritage”.