Time Machine Manifesto: Unlock the ambitions of ‘Big Data of the Past”

We have released our Time Machine manifesto to coincide with the launch of our ambitious ‘Big Data of the Past’ research initiative. Our project will create a large-scale digitisation infrastructure, enabling Europe to transform its history into an important social and economic resource for the future. The manifesto provides insights into how our project will unfold, covering how Member States, European Institutions, future stakeholders and all interested parties can support Time Machine’s development. 

There is currently an urgent need for Europe to increase its engagement with the past to strengthen its cultural identity and core democratic values. Time Machine’s breakthrough processing and simulation technologies will create a vital resource for shaping the future, while preserving Europe’s rich history. Our platforms will enable greater understanding of our cultural heritage and increase its accessibility to all citizens, whether in Europe or across the globe.

The manifesto defines the goals of the project, which include the development of new business and technological models in a diverse range of industries, from videogame and creative development to environmental and city planning. It also highlights the growing community of academic researchers, businesses and professional associations that are working to make Time Machine’s visions into reality.

Prepared to join us in launching our journey through time?
Download our manifesto and accompanying factsheet to find out more.