Time Machine Organisation part of the new Austrian government programme

Just a few days ago – on 7 January 2020 – a new government has been sworn in in Austria and this also affects the Time Machine project.

With already 50 Austrian members institutions being part of the Time Machine project, this initiative is evidently being met with great interest not only by Austrian institutes of culture, research institutions, civil societies and private business. In addition, the new Austrian government itself is keen to support this European project: The recently published government agenda 2020/2024 states, that in terms of creating and maintaining competitive frameworks for international research infrastructures, the Austrian government assures to actively participate in platforms and networks related to societal changes and as such supports – among further infrastructures – the Time Machine Organisation (as governing framework of the Time Machine project) in the area Artificial Intelligence and cultural heritage (page 314).

Under the chapter “Knowledge Transfer, International Involvement and Research Infrastructures” which lays out how the government plans to shape research policies in view of future challenges and develop strategies for Research, Technology and Innovation, the programme furthermore declares that the Austrian government will promote the strengthening and expansion of Horizon Europe (2021-2027).

Austrian government programme 2020/2024